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Abella Ultra-White Professional Strenght Home Maintenance Whitening Kit is perfect as a stand alone tooth whitener or for maintenance after an in-office whitening treatment. 



35% Whitening Gel

Silicone Mouth Tray

Tray Storage Case

Abella Ultra-White Professional Strength Home Maintenance Whitening Kit

  • * Do NOT brush your teeth before whitening, as this may increase the risk of gum irritation and/or sensitivity

    * Do NOT eat or drink anything except for water for atleast 1 hour after whitening

    * The best time to whiten teeth at home is just before going to bed at night

    * To whiten teeth, use once everyday or two until desired shade is achieved

    * Use once a month to maintain desired resltus. If not used in awhile, a toothpick may be needed to unplug syringe.

    Remove lid from syringe containing whitening gel. Apply a solid thin line of gel across the inside center of whitening tray (dotted line shows correct placement of gel) and repeat on other side. Do not apply gel to the flat part of the tray with holes. After placing tray in mouth, while biting down, with one finger rub up and down on the mouth tray over each tooth to make sure gel is spread evenly. Whitening gel will foam up to fill in spaces between your teeth. If the gel is not placed correctly in tray, whitening/burning of gums is possible. The whitening/burning of the gums is temporary and will go away in 20-30 minutes. To help with discomfort, a vitamin E capsule may be cut open and applied to the gums as needed. Set a timer for 30 minutes, when the time is up go to sink and slowly remove mouth tray and exple whitening gel. Rinse mouth and whitening tray with cool water. Place tray in container and store in a cool dry place. If you experience sensitivity, adjust the whitening time or frequency. 

    Skin or Eye Contact: Wash throughly with water. Keep out of reach of children. If a large amount of gel is ingested, drink plenty of milk or water and seek medical advice. The manufacturer and seller will not be held responsible for injuries resulthing from the use of this product.  


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